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And unlike other guides to Mexican slang on the web, we've tried to include vocabulary important for LGBT travelers so the next time that guy on Grindr messages you you'll know what he's asking. These words are often derogatory so use them with care but are listed here so you recognize them Bugas - straights, heterosexuals Chacal - straight acting masculine guy, muscular Chicano - Mexican American Chilango - someone from Mexico City Fresa - rich, spoiled, pampered Lencha - lesbian Una Loca - an effeminate gay man, a queen.

Marica - gay, homosexual Maricón - derogatorily gay, fag Marimacha - butch lesbian, dyke Naco - lower-class; uncultured Obvio - obvio refers to someone whose homosexuality is visible. Is he obviously gay? For effect, you can add a leguas, from leagues away, a nautical distance. Se le nota a leguas.

Oso - bear, hairy guy in gay culture but also Que Oso which can mean how embarassing. Sometimes the English "bear" is just used instead Tortillera - lesbian Varonil - masculine. In some parts of Mexico like Guadalajara chido would be quite uncommon Chingón - even cooler than chido and more vulgar, kind of the same difference between no mames and no manches A Huevo - "fuck yeah" Madres - "Damn!

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No Mames - "no way" or "don't mess around" don't suck No Manches - "no way" don't stain , less vulgar than no mames Órale - "right on" or "cool" Padre - cool, as in que padre Pendejo - asshole or idiot Pinche - stupid, damned, fucked up. De ambiente - refers to the gay scene or lifestyle, especially in mixed company. Un club de ambiente, a gay club. No soy de ambiente.


I'm not into the gay scene. You can even use it as a verb like me empedo for I'm getting drunk Strippers, Gogos - The English words here are generally used, "shows strippers" are common in Mexican gay bars Travesti - Drag queen, "shows travestis" are common in Mexican gay bars. Can you host? Can host Lluvia dorado - watersports, piss play Manga - condom although the obvious condón works too if you can't remember this one Mecos - cum, semen Mamada, mamar - Blow job, oral sex.

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Mamar is the verb, mamada the noun Morboso - Kinky, nasty Motel - Love hotel with rooms by the hour, sexy design with lots of mirrors and jacurzzis etc Ojete - butthole, anus. Top or bottom? Verga - penis, dick Vergón - well hung. January 19, Aqui lo ponen como si es ser floripon, jajajaja yo soy mujer y soy hetero. December 26, Su diccionario Mexicano-hispanohablante es muy interesante pero Había muchos homosexuales en el desfile.

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A word or phrase that is commonly used in conversational speech e. Look at that gay over there. Mira a ese gay. He has splashed dollars around with gay abandon.

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I don't have the money to live the gay life gay [Paree] [Paris]. Word Roots.

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